I know that what you call ‘God’ really exists, but not in the form you think; God is primal cosmic energy, the love in your body, your integrity, and your perception of the nature in you and outside of you.”
— Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man!

What is "Orgone Energy"

"Orgone Energy" is a term coined by the great German scientist and psychoanalyst Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the late 1920s. Orgone is the same energy that cultures all over the world have known about for thousands of years. It is known by names such as chi, ki, prana, ether, and universal life force energy. Reich was able to prove the existence of a universal energy that has the power to heal by restoring and balancing the energy in all living organisms.

By layering organic and inorganic material Reich discovered how to attract the free flowing energy in our surroundings, and use it to heal his patients of various illnesses including cancer. After claiming to improve the quality of life of his patients using orgone energy he became a target by the FDA, and the Federal Government incarcerated him.

They then proceeded to burn his books, confiscate his lab equipment all while demonizing his name. The FDA claimed that orgone energy did not exist. My question is this: If orgone energy did not exist what sense did it make to spend ten years actively campaigning to discredit it? 

More importantly, the scientific method is supposed to build from the works of ALL science, correct or incorrect, because even scientific errors contribute to the progression of science as a whole. 

Reich died of a heart attack just days before his parole trial. Mainstream science has neglected to touch the subject for a myriad of reasons, however, as the world is waking up soon the evidence will be more than undeniable. I believe in Wilhelm Reich's work and he is the motivation behind my orgone products.