Reiki Attunements


Reiki Attunements

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You may register for Reiki now to preserve your spot. Beginning Saturday June 6, 2015, we will be scheduling distance attunements however we suggest you sign up as early as possible as our available slots are already filling up very quickly. We will contact you in 24-72 hours from payment to schedule a date and time for your attunement. Upon completion, you will receive an advanced Reiki manual, and a personalized certification. Below you will find brief descriptions of each level of Reiki. It is important to note that with each attunement, the energetic pathways in the body become more refined. This allows for more energy to be channeled, and a deeper personal healing experience to take effect for the individual. Also, you must not skip any levels in Reiki. You must first take level 1, then level 2, then you may proceed to master level. 

Level 1

The first level of Reiki is primarily focused on self-healing and the basic Reiki principles. The very first attunement enables the healer to channel Reiki energy to be used for hands-on healing sessions. You will also learn how to incorporate Reiki into your daily practice for holistic healing. The high vibrational Reiki energies will begin a detoxifying effect on the physical body to allow for clear channeling. 

Level 2

The second Reiki attunement gives the healer a set of sacred healing tools; the Reiki symbols.  One of the coolest things about reaching the second level is that you will gain the ability to send Reiki for distance healing! In addition, a deeper cleansing occurs on the mental and emotional bodies than in the first attunement. 

Level 3

The master level is recommended for those who wish to dedicate their life to Reiki. The master level often assists one in attaining self actualization; what some may call enlightenment. As a Reiki Master you will gain additional sacred symbols for deeper healing including the Master symbol! The most fulfilling part about becoming a Reiki master is that you will have the honor of teaching Reiki to others, attuning more to loving light of Reiki! The Last attunement has the greatest effect on the spiritual body, usually resulting in a much stronger connection to the higher self. 

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By purchasing, you acknowledge and understand that Reiki practioners do not diagnose, prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Upon purchase, you release the owner from all legal liability during your Soulful Possibilities’ and Superior Life Energy Reiki sessions with Jenna Rae Hornick and Laquan Quindale Williams.

Must be 18 years old to purchase. If under the age of 18-a signed consent form from guardian is required.