Chakra Pyramid


Chakra Pyramid

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Crystals: Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Mixed tourmaline Blue Kyanite, and Clear Quartz.

Metals: Aluminum and Copper

The point has a bright yellow Citrine point drawing energies of abundance while continuously charging the other crystals in the pyramid matrix. Surrounding the Citrine are heart chakra crystals such as Peridot, Jade, Green Aventurine, and Green Tourmaline. This is a powerful combination that facilitates the healing of the heart chakra, inviting love and transmitting negative energy into positive energy effortlessly. To gently awaken the third eye I included amethyst in all four corners. Blue Kyanite is used to contact our higher self and angelic guides by strengthening the throat chakra. Carnelian allows our inner child to come forward, inspiring adventure and cleansing the sacral chakra, the seat of emotions. Black Tourmaline and Black Iron Oxide are both in the base repelling the harmful psychic energies of others.

(Note: Each pyramid is handmade and unique, product may contain slight variations from photo. This photo was taken prior to sanding the base.) 


Crown - Clear Quartz
Third Eye - Amethyst 
Throat - Blue Kyanite Blades
Heart -  Peridot, aventurine, Green Tourmaline 
Solar Plexus - Citrine 
Sacral - Carnelian, 
Root/Base - Black tourmaline

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