Welcome to Superior Life Energy!

If you are reading this, you are likely interested in at least one of the following: energy healing, holistic healing modalities, meditation, Reiki, Mysticism, crystal healing and of course, orgonite! 

If you like all of the above, you seriously just became my best friend and we need to meet NOW! Regardless of how you got here, I am thankful in this moment that you have stumbled into my world to check out my creations! 

The Artists behind the scenes

My name is Laquan Williams, and I built Superior Life Energy with the intention to share my holistic healing creations with the world! When I'm not busy crafting customized orgonite, you can find me practicing reiki, producing music, or simply meditating with an enormous deep purple amethyst crystal (my favorite!)

My goal is to create the BEST orgone generators for you, while offering you a unique, personalized experience. I create orgonite to help facilitate a positive energetic shift in others, just as they did for me.

Laquan Williams vending at a crystal show in Philadelphia - 2016

Laquan Williams vending at a crystal show in Philadelphia - 2016

Fully Customizable Orgonite

I have been crafting custom orgone devices since 2012. Customizing your orgonite makes it more personal, and gives you a deeper connection to the stones inside.

You can choose from over 20 different crystals, and a selection of metals and colors to provide you with endless possibilities in building your orgonite. If a stone isn’t listed, simply request it, and I will do my best to source it for your custom orgonite project!

A truly unique product

We all have different needs energetically, and so I feel that it is very important to offer you the ability to choose what is right for you.

You may need an orgonite that is more centering for you, and so you may select crystals that are connected to the root chakra, like Black Tourmaline.

Or if you want to work on opening the third eye chakra, you might choose to use Amethyst as well. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured knowing that I am working hard behind the scenes to custom-craft a truly unique product for you!