Crystal of the Week

Crystal of the Week: TIGER*S EYE

With the sun currently smack dab in the middle of LEO, I couldn't help but shed some light on the most attributed birthstone to the fire sign, peculiarly enough, not an eye of the lion, but the crystal known as The Eye of the Tiger.

I am very fond of this stone and had a ring given to me as a small child with one in it. Due to my fidgety fingers, I couldn't stop playing with it, and it fell from my hands at a baseball game, down the stadium stairs, gone forever. But I eventually got my hands on another, along with many others.

One does not need to be born in the sign of the fierce lion to appreciate this gem, although with any Leo in your natal chart, whether your moon or your other planetary positions, it would be most ideal for you.  I personally do not have any Leo anywhere in my birth chart; however, I am fondly drawn to many Leos as a Libra Sun, and this stone seems to do wonders for that reason. 

This stone is a power stone for Leo in particular simply because it shines the light reflection of one’s ruler, the Sun. Like Leos, the stones radiate a glowing light and an energy, keeping one calm and naturally confident at times when others may not be, or situations may not allow.

Tiger’s Eye is also a stone for abundance and will help you with manifesting your greatest dreams and unblocking your inner creativity.  It combines the condensed energy of the Earth with the bright life energy of the Sun, to give a grounded yet high and mighty vibration. The golden accents of this healing gemstone help bring forth a sunny perspective for happy thoughts and positive outlooks, perfect for manifesting and dealing with fierce courage and a strong will.

Words with Wednesday

Searing Seer


I spy with my Infinite Eye

Pupils peering down from the sky;

Woodland fairies, hobbits, Horace,

Birdies eyes to chirp in chorus;

Third Eye Power to The Seventh Chakra

Egyptian, Hindu, Mystic Tantra

Celtic, Shaman, Americana;

Rise to the top to break through the crown

Sprouted at root, when I was low down;

Knowledge sacred, trees and earth,  

Shadows always show on dirt

Eye am barefoot and eye am free,

the counter culture, the natural high

the mystic wonder released on a sigh.


Metaphysical Monday: Orgonite Demystified

"Our entire biological system, the brain and the earth itself, work on the same frequencies." ~Nikola Tesla 

Today is Metaphysical Monday at Superior Life Energy and it commences with the midsummer markdown of all custom Orgonite. That being said, there is no better time for the topic of conversation on that which is the foundation at Superior Life Energy, and that being the unfamiliar term, coined Orgonite.  For those who are unfamiliar with the beautiful little pyramids, or the strange word which is underlined in red, still unrecognized by my Word dictionary:

What in the world is Orgonite?

Don’t feel bad if you do not know this, as I am an avid connoisseur of metaphysical conversation, and I was also unaware of its purpose, prior to this endeavor.  When I started working for Superior Life Energy a little over a month ago, I was eager to learn about this interesting and mysterious little treasure.  After a phone call with the owner who broke down the history of orgone, as well as the purpose of Orgonite, I still conducted my own research to ensure the accuracy of his claims. I was blown away with the findings.  It solidified my own knowledge of crystals and propelled me into another understanding of the energy available to us on this earth.

Possibly one of the oldest phenomena of technological pursuits, Orgonite is the namesake of a Metal and Fiberglass resin, part of an elemental matrix with crystals and stones that was revived by biologist and inventor, Wilhelm Reich, in the early part of the 20th century. Orgonite absorbs buried and sometimes unfavorable energy and transmutes it into positive and uplifting energy. The particular layering of earth elements is what puts this energy out at a valuable frequency. Among many findings, it functions as an air ionizer, reducing the effects of free radicals. Common uses for the Orgonite include attaining greater focus in meditation and natural healing.  

Essentially, the orgone is made into orgonite pyramids, or molds of various choices, for an aesthetic and practical purpose.  The pyramid has a sacred geometric shape, appealing to the majority of clients, and therefore a staple at Superior Life Energy.  


Crystal Visions

The Down to Earth POWER of Crystals

Custom Orgonite, Superior Life Energy

Custom Orgonite, Superior Life Energy

Since ancient times, humanity has used crystals, gemstones, and various other earth elements as a means of natural, emotional, and physical healing.  Long before the western dominance of psychiatric practices and prescription drug fixes, there was knowledge of the natural healing power of a stone from the earth.  The vibrations vary greatly, as do people, and are suitable for many different purposes.  The metaphysical properties of stones and crystals resonate with different people, for different reasons, at different times and occasions. There is collective research of the practice, exploring ancient folklore of various cultures, the science of psychology, and observation of patterns in human behavior. That is truly what makes the customizable #organite such a valuable one.

Many indigenous cultures have awareness of the power of crystals, but the mainstream population does not value it as such.  Rather than call it a medicine or a practice or a ritual or a craft, I refer to it as a healing art.  It is an art form for various reasons, based on the elements, earth, and hands that have shaped it.  It is also an art form for the simple fact that is gives an emotional response and elevation of vibration akin to prayer and therapy.  It helps to aid the ancient energy healing of the chakras, known as Reiki, as well as a basi. Emotional Healing through a simple, natural connection to earth. It is unfortunately overshadowed by the science of government and the big pharma organization with their hands in everyone's pocket. To keep them coming back for more, and the quick fix of prescription of salesmanship. 

I am not saying that crystals can heal the sickly, but I'm also not saying they can't. The truth is, the emotional state and mental health of the people in today's society is unstable. The beauty of the crystals is their ability to clear the negative energies that possess our minds and sometimes bodies. There are many ancient beliefs which attest to this, many of which are part of the Eastern health philosophies, Vedic practice, Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, Yoga, and Reiki. Luckily, an awakening is underway for the ones who seek these kinds of healings. 

What led people to discover the magic of crystals, you may wonder?  Perhaps it was the evolving search for beauty and meaning that led to a seemingly magical quality of a dazzling gemstone?  After all, when you combine beauty with practicality, it can certainly shine through.  Form and Function is an ancient Greek philosophy that discusses this divine quality and combination.  Perhaps even in the darkest times of great emotional stress and in an age that is strained from a broken society, the great healing power of mother earth can shine through to us. 

There are some customs which have stuck around, based on crystal healing, all having an underlying truth.  Sadly, these half-truths have been twisted and altered for the gain of greed and politics.  The common knowledge of a birthstone goes no further than to suffice as a mass produced gift on a Hallmark Holiday.  The diamond industry for the sale of marriages. So the knowledge of crystal healing, and the true meaning is lost in so many ways (and a critical discussion for another day). 

Regardless of the bling-greed that seemingly dominates society, the truth of the matter (at the core of our society’s sick obsession) is out there for the seekers.  The internet is full of interesting information that has carried through into our modern culture.  It is best to research at your local bookstores, or consult with an expert or healer in your area, as the internet may have just as much incorrect information as it does have valuable.  The Age of Aquarius has shed light on these esoteric truths that span eras and cultures across the globe. There are various belief systems involving them, and perhaps that is what gives it such a rich character.  The diversity of it all has an underlying connection of beautiful magnitude which can bring us all together, in nature, in love, and in harmony.  Let your love shine and your truth speak, and come to know the healing magic of crystals, and join me each week for an enlightening perspective of the splendid plethora.

Amethyst Points Amped by Clear Quartz and a Sandstone Pyramid. Charged by the sun and observed by the shadow.

Amethyst Points Amped by Clear Quartz and a Sandstone Pyramid. Charged by the sun and observed by the shadow.

Metaphysical Monday

"Metaphysics means nothing but an unusually obstinate effort to think clearly."  -William James

Oil Pastel on BFK : "Unveiling Light"  by Brandon Hingley

Oil Pastel on BFK: "Unveiling Light"  by Brandon Hingley

Another weekend has come and gone, followed by the least popular and most hectic day of the work week. Mondays are infamously manic for most of us; so therefore, what better way to end the day than by reading something a little less mundane and little more crazy than the ongoings in your own little world?  The mutual understanding of clockwork insanity is very me.  

To the everyday common person, all things metaphysical can be strange and less familiar than normal. It's not something readily available for conversation and is quite often deemed as cookoo. Metaphysics: It is the strange matter outside of the box but based in our world, hanging onto reasoning, in a similiar fashion to philosophy with more grounding.  Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things which include concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.  The actual science of those things would be considered Quantum Physics, using modern theories proven by scientists, such as Quantum Theory, Quantum Entanglement, and so on.  

Quantum theory is the theoretical basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. The nature and behavior of matter and energy at that level is sometimes referred to as quantum physics and quantum mechanics.  

While I am intrigued by the science of matter, I am no scientist, and am simply speculating on similar topics of interest each week.  If you want a strange look at the otherwise monotonous Monday, then by all means, find it here.