Words with Wednesday

What cannot be said above all, must not be silenced but written.
— Jacques Derrida

Language Artistry, a poem

He said it--spoke it! That thing into being:

semantics, words, now wet with meaning;

the sound of language, the communication,

rolling tongues like romance with salivation;

The intergalactic magic and numbers,

obscures the simple to encumber the thunder;

chatter and music and the disputed matter,

computed practice of the latter data,


The good sense, nonsense, the wild desire, 

a love connection like fuel to transpire;

the free will of choice and bottomless verses,

to acquaint and paint like the eternal curses.  

Words with Wednesday

Venus has gone retrograde, there is a blue Aquarian moon on Friday, and my own moon sign is in Aquarius, revealing this inner nature and these inner words of my soul:



Bearing conscience like water

Of the moonlight whole,

On the shoulders basking

In the potter's soul;

The periwinkle paradox,

Betwixt before the mystic rock;

The slave of none, gratitude of One,

The shyest of the queens--

To quench the rising sun's exhaustion,

Drawing love from a unique stream, 

to rinse the drying and saturate

the parched seeds of a dying dream.


Words with Wednesday

Searing Seer


I spy with my Infinite Eye

Pupils peering down from the sky;

Woodland fairies, hobbits, Horace,

Birdies eyes to chirp in chorus;

Third Eye Power to The Seventh Chakra

Egyptian, Hindu, Mystic Tantra

Celtic, Shaman, Americana;

Rise to the top to break through the crown

Sprouted at root, when I was low down;

Knowledge sacred, trees and earth,  

Shadows always show on dirt

Eye am barefoot and eye am free,

the counter culture, the natural high

the mystic wonder released on a sigh.


Words with Wednesday


On an illusory, sun-drenched day, 

Or in the twilight without end,

As lost in pillowed lofts of grey—

Remember to ignite your light!


Refuse invasive information,  

Blinding the squinted, omniscient Eye,               

Fattening souls, starved for sensation—                    

Remember to ignite your light!


Empathy from curiosity,    

Spares the fat yet stealthy cat,  

Preys on atrophied philosophy— 

Remember to ignite your light!


On a shattered, seeping, devoid day                                             

Or in the gloom and doom of Then                                            

As forever lost in drenched dismay—                  

Remembrance won’t reflect your light!

Ignite the light: Smile, I see you! :)

Ignite the light: Smile, I see you! :)