Crystal of the Week

Crystal of the Week: TIGER*S EYE

With the sun currently smack dab in the middle of LEO, I couldn't help but shed some light on the most attributed birthstone to the fire sign, peculiarly enough, not an eye of the lion, but the crystal known as The Eye of the Tiger.

I am very fond of this stone and had a ring given to me as a small child with one in it. Due to my fidgety fingers, I couldn't stop playing with it, and it fell from my hands at a baseball game, down the stadium stairs, gone forever. But I eventually got my hands on another, along with many others.

One does not need to be born in the sign of the fierce lion to appreciate this gem, although with any Leo in your natal chart, whether your moon or your other planetary positions, it would be most ideal for you.  I personally do not have any Leo anywhere in my birth chart; however, I am fondly drawn to many Leos as a Libra Sun, and this stone seems to do wonders for that reason. 

This stone is a power stone for Leo in particular simply because it shines the light reflection of one’s ruler, the Sun. Like Leos, the stones radiate a glowing light and an energy, keeping one calm and naturally confident at times when others may not be, or situations may not allow.

Tiger’s Eye is also a stone for abundance and will help you with manifesting your greatest dreams and unblocking your inner creativity.  It combines the condensed energy of the Earth with the bright life energy of the Sun, to give a grounded yet high and mighty vibration. The golden accents of this healing gemstone help bring forth a sunny perspective for happy thoughts and positive outlooks, perfect for manifesting and dealing with fierce courage and a strong will.