Words with Wednesday

What cannot be said above all, must not be silenced but written.
— Jacques Derrida

Language Artistry, a poem

He said it--spoke it! That thing into being:

semantics, words, now wet with meaning;

the sound of language, the communication,

rolling tongues like romance with salivation;

The intergalactic magic and numbers,

obscures the simple to encumber the thunder;

chatter and music and the disputed matter,

computed practice of the latter data,


The good sense, nonsense, the wild desire, 

a love connection like fuel to transpire;

the free will of choice and bottomless verses,

to acquaint and paint like the eternal curses.  

Words with Wednesday

Searing Seer


I spy with my Infinite Eye

Pupils peering down from the sky;

Woodland fairies, hobbits, Horace,

Birdies eyes to chirp in chorus;

Third Eye Power to The Seventh Chakra

Egyptian, Hindu, Mystic Tantra

Celtic, Shaman, Americana;

Rise to the top to break through the crown

Sprouted at root, when I was low down;

Knowledge sacred, trees and earth,  

Shadows always show on dirt

Eye am barefoot and eye am free,

the counter culture, the natural high

the mystic wonder released on a sigh.


Philosophy Friday

Doomsday: A Mind Blowing Non-Prophecy 

Almost everyone, within every generation of every era, in every place that ever had a culture; of every one true religion within politically corrupt and bankrupt spirituality; all over the great big, round [or once flat] world has thought that the world was or is going to end. This is probably because of the general understanding that the world will end at some point, proven by theoretical science and stated by many a  colorful prophecy.

But most precisely, the world as we know it will end at the point of our own dying day. 


The fear of apocalypse is merely the fear of a comfortable death and the avoidance of a humble one.  Doom and Gloom tactics are quite simply...chances to speculate on the importance of ourselves. Those ideas are cloaked in the hopes of going out with a great big, grand and intentional bang.  Perhaps it gives another chance at chance. 

The notion of the end of time is an advanced animal's privilege and becomes a  boring luxury. When life itself is feared, it is feared out of complacency.  At that point, it seems that the only survival we are up against is the crushing weight of our own egos.  We are gasping for air and suffocating by the weight of it all in a highly complex world. 

But rather than using our intense and powerful breath to breathe deeply, get up and overthrow that ugly beast, all we can do is wallow in our pity and seep slowly into the ground. The only thing left to do in this case is to create a doomsday underworld with our remnant imagination, instead of using it to kick the devil’s ass and create a heaven on earth.

It is the paradox of a privileged yet unfortunate soul to be in this miraculous day and age, spending all of his precious time on fear, with not even a dime left for love or life.  Many souls drift aimlessly through their lives in search of a perfect souvenir for their deaths. While they cling to the artificial plastic, they do not realize the higher power or the one that is within them. 

If only they would realize the power of now, they would know deep down that they cannot take this world with them.  That aha moment at the last minute is the suffocation of eternity.  They realize they cannot go back to the store to return the souvenir. They can never regain the time badly spent.

Whether it is science to theorize, or a revelation to prophecise, the end of the world is never near--if you choose to have no fear!

The Light in You!

You see: that is also the Light in Me!

As the newest blogger for Superior Life Energy, I will reflect nothing less than superior perspective, much like this full moon in Capricorn.  There is no doubt that the current conjunction of Venus and Jupiter has an impact on my timing.  The synchronistic flow is upon me!  I am elevated to shine and guide, and yet also give the truth in shadows.  I am over-the-moon excited to have this opportunity given to me and look forward to the things I may discover--from this divine audience, my own intuition, and the collective consciousness. 

Light!  Whether the moon or the sun or the beaming faces I like to meet in the street, that is what I am, for whom I stand, and where I will always be.  As a reflection of all the beautiful souls, I spill my thoughts clumsily and somehow craft a passion for the higher Self.  I hereby declare to be a down-home orator for humanity. That said: formal introductions are hardly necessary when a familiarity reflects brightly from a like-minded soul fam.  Kindred spirits are the kind of folks that simply ring true to kindness.  Within the essence of kindness is unconditional love.  To give without expectation, and to love as an ultimate validation.  The conscious awareness of such love is the energy of the spirit. That is what sets apart from the animal. 

The power of such a thing has led me from one synchronicity to another, on a journey to something mysterious, unable to be exacted by words alone.  Among other things, this path has led me to a metaphysical exploration of self including mind/body/spirit.  It has led me to find myself and be myself and accept myself as an imperfect work in progress. It has opened doors with creativity; as a form of art, a form of prayer.  It has found for me a superior platform of purpose, to be a voice for the humble and yet also aware. 

The orgonites featured are conduits for energy healing, broken down by artistic craftsmanship and the mystery of metaphysics.  The knowledge of the earth and a person's natural self-healing was buried by society-keepers, as was the history of orgone and sacred geometry.  It is not a mainstream awareness, and typically privy to only those who seek it out.  It is the yin and yang of it.  In a similar fashion, my writing is a conduit for healing energy, through which I may be able to guide people to find their own buried truth.  It's always been said to us: don't discuss politics or religion, and in so many ways, I've never followed the rules.  I've discovered my own buried treasure and learned not to bury my truth.  I don't prefer to shout that out, but rather to whisper it (unless someone's really pushed my button of imperfection).  Poetry gives me an outlet for emotion, as well as an access to feminine energy, while prose allows me to think cognitively and pique my curiosity.  I use both sometimes but try to keep it balanced.

I will not ever tell anyone what to think or how to believe and think that knowledge must also have wisdom to be sufficient.  I also do not believe in only one correct way, and think we all have a purpose in our varied journeys.  I cannot fit my beliefs of things into a box, nor can I bury them away. I will discover them for myself through my intuitive writing style. 

No matter how rough around the edges I can be, I like to take my thoughts and shape them into something beautiful, profound, and hope they're not mistaken for anything you've ever seen, yet also show you something you've truly always known.  The minerals of the earth can help us stay grounded, and also elevate us to higher thinking.  I tend to do both and Quan realized that would be the perfect fit for his blog.  Quan is an amazing artist whose work inspires me greatly, and I wish to be able to hold a mirror to his flame. 

Walking in shadows I have found purpose, but I am glad to always find and share the light. Without the darkness, after all, there is no light. I will provide prose, poetry, and just plain perspective to my strange inner world and the normal esoteric one. Please follow me for fresh perspective, weekly at minimum.  Whether it be speculative essays, intuitive writing, stream of consciousness, information, or creative nonfiction, I vow to always find the light and reflect nothing less than the beauty of the beholder.  Thank you all for being part of this with me.  Namaste!