reiki distance attunements

You can learn too!

Reiki distance attunements are now available for all who wish to learn this beautiful holistic healing practice! People all over have an urge to learn and use Reiki, unfortunately, finding an experienced and credible Reiki Master is not the easiest thing to do. It is our belief that the world would be a much better place if EVERYONE had access to the loving energies of Reiki. Reiki can bridge time and space, making it possible to conduct distance attunements. Remember, energy is not constrained by time nor space. Interested in becoming a Reiki Practioner? Want to learn how to heal yourself and others? Ready to manifest profound changes in your spirituality? If this feels right for you, chances are, you found us for a reason. 

Money back guarantee

If you feel that you have not gained from our course, you may request to have a full refund. We take our work very seriously and our main priority is to make sure YOU get the most out of this new experience. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic healing practice using spiritually guided energy. The word Reiki comes from Japan, Rei meaning universal life, and Ki meaning energy. When one is attuned to the light of Reiki, profound life changes begin to manifest, including the ability to heal yourself and others using various techniques. Reiki is NOT a religion nor is it a cult; it is a healing modality that can quickly become a way of life. Anyone can learn Reiki, regardless of background, religion, belief system etc. You do not need to be psychic or gifted in any kind of way to channel reiki. All that is required is the intention to heal, Reiki will do the rest. 

Why distance attunements work? 

Some are against the distance attunements arguing that they are somehow less effective. This is not true. In the same way that Reiki energy can be channeled and sent to perform distance healing, it may also be sent to give the attunement energies, provided the receiver is open and willing to receiving them. Remember, energy is not constrained by space nor time. Our distance attunements will be performed real-time over skype, giving you the peace of mind to know that we are doing serious work. You are engaging with us in that special moment. In addtion, we don't just attune you and leave you hanging. You will receive a unique Reiki manual that will provide you with more than enough tools to perform Reiki on yourself and others. 

What can I expect to learn?

Our curriculum teaches much more than just how to lay hands on one's body to heal. During this course you will grow on all levels of being (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically) while learning to hone in on your natural talents as a healer. You will learn:

  • Advanced Reiki techniques 
  • How to perform a reiki session on clients
  • How to self-heal
  • Reiki in everyday life
  • Contacting your spirit guides
  • How to balance the chakras using meditations
  • ...and so much more!

What's included? 

Included in the attunement cost is the training program curriculum and an intuitively chosen Reiki attunement gift (could be a crystal, piece of jewelry, orgonite, etc.) so one can always have a physical talisman to access the energies of this special event. You will also receive a unique Reiki certification for your participation in this course! 

What makes our class unique? 

Our Reiki curriculum is unique. Not only are the basic Reiki principles taught, but we also go through the nitty-gritty of energy work. In most standard Reiki classes and certifications, we find that there are many important things that need to be taught so that the practitioner is well prepared.  We strive to teach, encourage, and link one’s own personality and natural lineage to the basic teaching of Reiki. Once attuned, each student forms their own path by incorporating their natural gifts and intuition with Reiki to form their own method of healing. This is also why when getting attuned, there will be an attunement from two Reiki masters. We feel that with any attunement one not only receives Reiki, but in addition one receives the Reiki master’s energy and teachings as well.  This means the receiver gains the knowledge and techniques from both teacher's lineage, making the attunement energies extra special. Laquan has a more grounded and shaman-like approach to healing, while Jenna is more in tune with her angelic communication abilities, thus offering a unique yin and yang dynamic. In turn, those receiving our attunement will gain a well-balanced and unique style of Reiki. 

When will I get my attunement?

Attunements will being mid-June. Once we receive payment we will contact you to set up an appointment in 24-72 hours. Most attunements will take place on a Saturday or Sunday. We advise that you put aside at least 3 hours for this process. If you cannot get attuned on the weekend, we will be as flexible as possible to accommodate your schedule. 

How can I get an in-person attunement?

Attunements can be done in person provided you are able to travel to Philadelphia or Maryland. In person Reiki attunements will occur monthly on a weekend. If you choose to take both levels 1 and 2, Reiki Level 1 will be done on a Saturday and Reiki Level 2 on a Sunday. This means you could be a certified Reiki Level practitioner in a weekend.  This is the most standard way to attune and train Reiki today. 

Have Questions? Email with any inquiries.